Chiapas, Mexico

Finca La Rioja 73%

PRICE: €12.50

Chiapas, Mexico

Finca La Rioja 73%

PRICE: €12.50


Finca La Rioja, Cacahostán, Chiapas, Mexico.
73% Cacao.

Cacao Criollo (90%) of ancestral genetics collected and fermented at Finca La Rioja by the great-grandson of Don Moisés, José María Pascacio.

At the Casa Cacao workshop, we select the cacao by hand, we roast it very delicately, we crack and winnow the beans, add organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter, and then we conche it for a minimum of 48 hours.

Net Weight: 80 g


We highlight its color, very light, brown / red. We find a mild lactic acidity, with notes of raisins, mango and apricot and a delicate finish of raw almonds.


Ingredients: cacao beans from Chiapas (Mexico), sugar, cocoa butter.

Allergens: Does not contain allergens.
May contain traces of: nuts, milk, gluten and soy.


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