Bean-To-Bar Experience Box

PRICE: €49.00


Bean-To-Bar Experience Box

PRICE: €49.00


At Casa Cacao we dedicate ourselves to cacao and chocolate, to show the changing nature of the seeds (beans), transforming them into chocolate that seeks to be different rather than standardized. Each origin, each producer, each batch, each production shows one of the thousand faces that make up the life of cacao: the ground where it grew, the climate that conditioned its life, the work of the producer on the soil and the plant, or the differences in treatment after harvesting, particularly during the fermenting and drying process.

With this Bean-To-Bar Experience Box, we invite you to discover how we make our chocolate, step by step, and how its flavor and texture change throughout the process. With 4 different types of cacaos: Chiapas (Mexico), D.O.Los Bejucos (República Dominicana), Hacienda Victoria (Ecuadors) and Kerala (India).

This experience is followed by an explanatory video which you can watch HERE.

The Bean-To-Bar Experience Box has been recognized with the gold award at the Academy of Chocolate Awards.

Net Weight: 200g.


Allergens: Milk, gluten and peanuts.


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